Welcome to the Braz-TESOL TD SIG blog!

The Teacher Development SIG (Special Interest Group) of the Braz-TESOL was founded in August 2014 by teachers Higor Cavalcante, Henrick Oprea, Edmílson Chagas and Graeme Hodgson, respectively based in São Paulo-SP, Brasília-DF, Goiânia-GO and Brasília-DF.

Our mission statement:

To promote professional development of the ELT community in Brazil by enabling exchange of best practices amongst those involved in developing the potential of teachers.

Our main goals:

1. To hold face-to-face and online events reaching ELT professionals in different regions of the country, propagating ideas and reflections which will enable members to help fellow teachers develop and acquire greater autonomy in their professional growth;

2. To help members develop the linguistic competence and methodological excellence of teachers, by providing practical input for Teacher Development.

This blog aims at substantiating these goals and mission statement by helping the teaching and teacher training communities in Brazil develop and grow, and we hope to do that by regularly sharing articles and ideas here both by us members and by contributors in Brazil and abroad.

If you’d like to contribute an article, a thought, an activity etc., please email us at

Thanks for the visit!

Best wishes,

Higor, Henrick, Ed and Graeme


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